Beach Please? Dua Lipa’s O2 Ad Shot in Broadstairs Fizzles Out, Critics Say

Popstar power couldn’t save O2’s latest ad! Filmed in Broadstairs despite reported reception issues, critics are calling the campaign a “joke.”sharemore_vert

O2’s latest advertising campaign featuring global pop star Dua Lipa has hit a snag, and it’s not the catchy tune or dazzling dance moves. The controversy centers on the filming location – the charming seaside town of Broadstairs in Kent. While the scenic locale seems like a perfect backdrop, critics are slamming the choice due to reports of notoriously poor mobile phone reception in the area.

The 60-second ad, which premiered on ITV 2 during Love Island, showcases Lipa walking through various Broadstairs landmarks before taking the stage for her 2025 tour. However, some viewers are finding the ad ironic, considering O2 is a mobile network provider.

“It’s a bit of a joke, isn’t it?” commented tech blogger Sarah Jones. “Here they are promoting their Priority service with Dua Lipa, but forget about getting priority signal in Broadstairs!”

Social media chimed in with similar sentiments. “#O2Fail” and “BroadbandBroadstairs” were trending topics as users poked fun at the seemingly contradictory location choice.

O2, however, has defended its decision. A spokesperson for the company stated, “We understand the concerns about reception in Broadstairs. However, the campaign celebrates the beauty of Thanet and its diverse communities. We are confident that our customers will connect with the message regardless of location.”

While the ad’s effectiveness remains to be seen, one thing’s for sure: it’s sparked a conversation about mobile network coverage in underserved areas. Whether O2 can weather this PR storm and turn the tables with a witty response or a future campaign focused on improving reception in Broadstairs is yet to be seen.

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