Manawa Residents Can Breathe Easy: Boil Water Advisory Lifted After Floodwaters

Manawa, WI – Residents in Manawa can finally ditch the bottled water and quench their thirst from the tap as the boil water advisory implemented following recent flooding has been lifted. The advisory, issued out of an abundance of caution due to potential contamination concerns from floodwaters, was lifted after water samples tested negative for harmful bacteria.

Local authorities announced the positive news on [date], assuring residents that their tap water is safe for all consumption purposes, including drinking, cooking, and making ice. The lifting of the advisory comes as a welcome relief for residents who had been inconvenienced by the need to boil water for the past [duration of advisory].

Manawa officials expressed their gratitude to residents for their patience and cooperation while the boil water advisory was in effect. They also commended the swift action of water treatment crews who ensured a safe and timely return to normal water usage.

For any concerned residents, [local water authority name] recommends running all cold water faucets for one minute to clear any residual water that may have been sitting in pipes during the advisory.

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