Hollywood A-Listers Assemble! Roberts, Sevigny, and Edebiri Start Filming in London Thriller

Get ready for a star-studded chase! Julia Roberts, Chloë Sevigny, and Ayo Edebiri dive into filming Luca Guadagnino’s mysterious new thriller, “After The Hunt.”

Cameras are rolling in London as filming gets underway for Luca Guadagnino’s highly anticipated thriller, “After the Hunt.” The project boasts a powerhouse cast led by Hollywood veterans Julia Roberts and Chloë Sevigny, alongside rising star Ayo Edebiri.

News of the film’s production start comes hot on the heels of director Guadagnino’s recent success with “Challengers.” Details about “After the Hunt” remain shrouded in secrecy, but with this A-list ensemble and Guadagnino’s reputation for crafting visually stunning and suspenseful films, anticipation is already running high.

A Reunion and a Debut:

This project marks a reunion for Roberts and Guadagnino, who previously collaborated on the critically acclaimed “Money Monster” in 2016. Sevigny, known for her captivating performances in independent films like “Boys Don’t Cry” and “American Psycho,” brings her unique talent to the table. For Edebiri, a breakout star from the comedy series “Big Mouth,” “After the Hunt” represents a significant leap into the world of feature films.

Speculation and Intrigue:

While plot details are scarce, speculation is swirling around the nature of the film. With Guadagnino’s penchant for exploring themes of desire, power dynamics, and societal complexities, “After the Hunt” promises to be a captivating and thought-provoking thriller.

The addition of a diverse cast further fuels the intrigue. The pairing of established stars like Roberts and Sevigny with the comedic energy of Edebiri hints at a potentially layered and dynamic film.

Filming in London:

Production for “After the Hunt” is reportedly underway in London, with photos circulating online showing the cast gathered on set. The bustling city provides a fitting backdrop for a suspenseful narrative, and fans can expect to see iconic London landmarks woven into the film’s visual tapestry.

With filming officially underway, the wait for “After the Hunt” begins. With its stellar cast, acclaimed director, and air of mystery, this project promises to be a must-see for film enthusiasts worldwide.

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