Worldwide Superstar Jin of BTS Takes the Torch! Named South Korean Torchbearer for Paris Olympics

Get ready to see Jin shine even brighter! BTS’s eldest member will carry the Olympic torch in Paris, representing South Korea.

The world-renowned K-Pop star, Jin, from the record-breaking group BTS, is adding another impressive achievement to his already glittering resume. Fresh off completing his mandatory military service, Jin has been selected as a torchbearer for South Korea at the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics!

This prestigious honor recognizes not only Jin’s immense global popularity but also his positive influence and role in promoting Korean culture. Officials have stated that Jin’s participation embodies the Olympic spirit of “harmony” and “peace,” perfectly aligning with the message BTS strives to spread through their music.

While the specific details of Jin’s torch relay route haven’t been announced yet, fans can expect to see him carrying the flame past iconic Parisian landmarks. With the Olympics scheduled to begin later this summer, anticipation is already building for this historic moment.

Jin’s selection as a torchbearer is sure to excite the millions of ARMY (BTS’s devoted fanbase) worldwide. Imagine the roar of the crowd as Jin proudly represents South Korea on the world stage! This is a momentous occasion that signifies the ever-growing cultural impact of K-Pop and the global recognition of BTS.

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