Animation to Agitation: Bob’s Burgers Actor Involved in Jan. 6th Hearing

Bob’s Burgers actor Jay Johnston, known for voicing Jimmy Pesto, pleads guilty to charges related to the January 6th Capitol riot. This unexpected development adds another layer to the ongoing investigation.

In a surprising turn of events, Jay Johnston, the voice actor behind the character Jimmy Pesto on the popular animated sitcom “Bob’s Burgers,” has become entangled in the January 6th Capitol riot investigation. Johnston pleaded guilty on Monday to a felony charge of civil disorder stemming from his participation in the attack.

From Funny Voices to Felony Charges?

Johnston, known for his comedic roles, was captured on video pushing against police lines and aiding rioters near the Capitol building. Prosecutors allege he used a stolen police shield and signaled to other rioters during the incident. This involvement directly contradicts the lighthearted persona he portrays in his voice acting career.

Fallout for the Burger Boss?

Following the news of Johnston’s involvement in the Capitol riot, “Bob’s Burgers” creators severed ties with the actor. Johnston has since been replaced for the role of Jimmy Pesto.

Jan. 6th Hearings and the Cast of Characters

Johnston’s case highlights the ongoing investigation into the January 6th attack. As the hearings continue, new details and unexpected figures continue to emerge, shedding light on the events of that day.

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